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About: Hello! My name is Odile van der Stap and I'm an illustrator. I love pretty art and I come across a lot on the internet! I wish to share this with everyone, that's why I run this blog.

Disclaimer: None of the art I post is mine, except when I explicitly say so. In every post there is a link to the original artist.

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Tumblr is so fucked up. Or maybe it’s just the people

I’m done with these ‘Why do you re-post peoples’ artwork instead of just reblogging from the artist?’ accusations. I get them SO MUCH. Even from other blogs who don’t even OWN the artwork. Seriously, people blog work at the same moment all the time when something is recently uploaded to Deviantart. Also, I just do not remember from EVERY artists who has a blog or not and I do not have the time to search up whether every artist has a blog or not. I reblog work from artist’s blogs all the time. I do not ‘steal’ work from other blogs like people are continuesly implying. I blog in my spare time to give artists the attention they deserve, and to inspire other artists. These kind of message are REALLY unmotivating to me and I’m not doing any artist any harm. I’m done with this whole system of reblogging and stealing accustations. I’m a busy person, I don’t run this blog to earn notes or whatsoever, and if people can’t appreciate what I’m doing, I don’t see why I should do this at all. 

The internet feeds me a lot of negativity, whether it’s from people who bash my art or people who accuse me of stealing posts, I mentally have no room in my head for this kind of nonsense. I’ve been reducing the social media which I don’t neccesarily need to boost my career, and it’s been such a relief. Everybody needs to throw their opinion in your face, and I’m not waiting for that. 

Moral of the story: I’m deleting this blog. You can follow me on my own blog to follow my own work. I’m busy with some exciting freelance projects and hope to post the results soon :) See ya

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